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Ultrable Overview
Shenzhen Ultrable New Energy Co., Ltd. is the leading manufacturer of thin batteries, is the Shenzhen office company of China North Industries Group Corporation subordinate Chemical Power Research Institute. The Institute was founded in 1968, occupied 97,000 square meter building area, with 110 million dollars of assets, 950 employees, and has more than 600 of high level technicians and specialists.

Ultrable is committed to provide every need corner of the word with environmental protection and high energy battery products, with the mission of “Enable the world use better green, high energy batteries”. Disposable (Non-rechargeable) lithium manganese dioxide (LiMnO2) batteries are Ultrable’s main products, it includes ultra thin batteries, high energy density thin batteries, high rate thin batteries, high temperature application thin batteries, cylindrical batteries and hybrid batteries. With strong R&D strength, and the use of the most advanced current international cathode material pretreatment technology and own continuous coating patented technology, the safety performance and storage performance of Ultrable’s thin batteries are highly advanced. The energy density (Up to 400wh/kg) and the high rate (500w/kg) of its thin batteries are leading the industry, the thickness of ultra thin batteries can be even made less than 0.45mm, and battery can be also customized for client at flexible shapes and sizes.